Kopar Group decades of expertise combined with continuous improving

Kopar Group is a modern Finnish technology corporation specialised in mechanical process development and heavy-duty equipment manufacturing. In addition to manufacturing and management of technology projects, our service is based on our unique Life Cycle Support model, which consists of overall process modernisation and development, everything from auditioning and consulting to unique equipment manufacturing and thorough aftercare.

We have a long history with carbon steel manufacturing and our portfolio includes very successful projects around the globe. We answer to high demands of multiple business segments, such as energy & power, metallurgy & minerals, pulp & paper and various other process industries.

Our passion is to help you to make your operation more profitable and reliable, with innovative, high-quality technology and process development skills.

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Sustainability in our operations stands for safe and healthy workplace and continuous development of our processes, focusing on minimising our environmental impact. We refine our operations every day, step by step. Each step takes us closer to our target – a sustainable society.

All of our production sites employ either Environmental Management Systems (EMS) or risk-based management systems, which help in avoiding spills and accidents that could be harmful to humans or to the environment. All these systems operate in accordance with the Group EHSQ policy and ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems. Energy efficiency is integrated into the environmental management system. 

Our aim is to be on the top-level of manufacturing thereby providing our customers the best and most reliable equipment money can buy. Therefore, our manufacturing has been audited and certified by various third party inspectors. 

We are one of the few companies in Finland who have both Manufacturing and Design certified in the highest Execution class, the EXC4 of EN 1090-1 CE-marking of Welded structural steel components and kits. 

Our story

The original Kopar operation was born already at 1989 but the beginning of the story goes all the way back in the early ‘70s.

Back then Rauma-Repola was one the biggest engineering and manufacturing companies in Finland. In 1973 it acquired a small workshop in a little city called Parkano, with a clear objective in mind. At that time Rauma-Repola with a few other Finnish companies were tendering a major metallurgy project in Soviet Union, namely Norilsk. Finns won the project, which later proved to be the biggest single engineering project for Finland. Today, the present Norilsk Nickel company (NorNickel) is world’s largest producer of palladium, and one of the largest producers of nickel, platinum and copper.

Kopar Oy was founded in 1989 following a management buyout including the conveyor business from the previous owner, Rauma-Repola. Kopar Oy grew and developed persistently, all the way to big international projects in the late ‘90s – just a few years after the present majority owner Hannu Penttilä was hired to the position of general manager. Year 2000 proved a certain milestone in that Kopar Oy won several major project deliveries in smelting technology and energy and power sectors. By 2005 the company was already an established player in its niche market.

Furthermore, Kopar continued growing rapidly and by 2008 the company had already established a workshop operation in Estonia and acquired two manufacturers of pneumatic conveying equipment; Site Teollisuus Oy and Elmomet Oy, which were old companies with great experience established already in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Major owners of Kopar have decided to step down from the daily operations to work as Senior Advisors and Members of the Board. With the new, professional and ambitious management Kopar is continuing its journey to internationalization and has established a steady position in their field of expertise, as a modern technology company. At present, Kopar enjoys a sales volume of approximately 20 million euros and employs 100 people.



Kopar Oy

The birth of Kopar
Kopar Oy was founded through an MBO-arrangement.



Kopar Oy

Difficult times
Hannu Penttilä, the present majority owner, purchased a share of the company.



Kopar Oy

Going International. Coppex S.A. became Kopar’s agent in Chile. Chile became quickly an important market for Kopar.



Kopar Oy

Persistent growing
Several major project deliveries in smelting technology and energy and power sectors.



Kopar Baltik Investments

Kopar established a workshop in Estonia.



Kopar Group

Two adquisitions: Site Teollisuus Oy and Elmomet Oy were acquired in order to broaden the offered scope of supply.



Turbo Kopar

Joint venture
Establishing a joint venture in India to serve the Indian energy market.


New Leader

Kopar Group

Time was right for the change of generation.



Kopar Group Focus

Kopar is setting focus on hot
and abbrasive material handling solutions and entering the global markets ever stronger.


The Key Flag

Kopar Oy

Kopar’s conveyor chain has been awarded the right to use the Key Flag symbol. It is a sign of reliable Finnish origin and manufacture.



Kopar Oy

Kopar has signed an agreement with a Polish representative ADK System. The agreement will further deepen the cooperation that began in 2011.


Kopar offers an inspiring atmosphere for those who are interested in working in an international environment and, in particular, have a real aim for personal development. Since the company still is quite small, every employee has an opportunity to widen the initial scope of work and learn more.

The nature of the work enables constant learning: every project is different and therefore, it requires years of dedicated work to become a real expert that the customers know to trust. It is a personal challenge and requires the right type of attitude.

The main career paths within Kopar are sales, design and engineering, project management, and manufacturing. Kopar manufacturing operations in Finland are located in one workshop and one assembly shop at Parkano and Lehtimäki, both in the southwestern part of the country. A fourth manufacturing unit is our subcompany Kopar Baltik, which is a workshop in the northeast of Estonia.

To see the currently open positions please visit our Finnish site: https://www.kopar.fi/fi/rekrytointi/

Join us, we offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, to develop and to be part of a great team!