biggest cement plant in estonia

Kunda Nordic Cement (KNC)

Andro Lindsay


Estonia is quite a small country and it also lacks good quality rock. However, in the northeast there are quality limestone deposits and also the only cement factory in the country. Today, Kunda Nordic Cement (KNC) follows proudly the tradition of cement production that started there in 1870. Now KNC belongs to the Heidelberg Cement Group. 

Kopar has been a vital element in the factory’s modernization process.

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“In the mid-1990’s we had to renovate the whole operation due to pollution problems caused mainly by dust. A huge investment period lasted 5 years, since among other things we had to renovate all clinker kilns and cement mills. Site assisted us right from the beginning and we really worked hard together to make the plant as modern and as friendly to the environment as possible,” explains Mr Kalev Sädeme, technical director. “Now we are an ultra-modern cement producer meeting the highest specifications in the world,” he adds.

The number of Kopar equipment at the plant is remarkable. The then Site delivered most recently a number of pneumatic conveyors for transferring cement with a capacity of 100 tph, fly ash feeders to mills, a storage silo, a continuing scale, fluid hoppers, a pneumatic conveyor for handling ash and silo filters. All of the above equipment was delivered in 2007 to modernize the cement mill number 6.

However, the first delivery to Kunda took place already in 1994 consisting of a pneumatic conveyor to handle fly ash and a silo of 100 m³. The next year further silos were delivered for storing oil shale. In 1999 the deliveries included cement loading and unloading equipment. In fact, there have been deliveries of a large variety of equipment to Kunda almost every year. “We have been very satisfied with the equipment. They have performed to our expectations and we also have received good service, assistance and help from Site experts when we have needed,” Mr Sädeme comments.

The annual production of cement amounts to 1.4 million tonnes. The company does not plan any expansions due to the financial situation in Estonia and elsewhere.

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