material handling equipment for Power Plant Synthos Dwory 7

Rafako S.A.

Andro Lindsay

Rafako S.A.

Customer: Rafako S.A.
Industry: Energy    
Time span: 9/2014 to 5/2016

Design and delivery of coal feeding, ash handling, limestone injection and inert material systems for the CFB boiler OFZ-140 in Power Plant Synthos Dwory 7.

In autumn 2014 Rafako S.A rewarded Kopar Oy with a contract to design and deliver material handling equipment for the OFZ-140 boiler in Power Plant Synthos Dwory 7. Scope of delivery included everything starting from designing and engineering leading to the manufacturing, delivery and supervision over erection and finally leading to the cold and hot commissioning of the installation. 
All main installations related to the boiler material handling were included in the Kopar scope of delivery including; 

  • Coal feeding installation
  • Bottom ash handling
  • Fly ash handling
  • Limestone injection equipment including day silo according to EN 1090
  • Inert material handling system including day silo according to EN 1090

Firstly coal feeding equipment consists from two parallel lines which both are capable to feed up to 20 tons of hard coal to the boiler. Coal is first discharged from the bunker by means of discharge feeders and followed with several other drag chain conveyors specially designed to handle coal. With Kopar design the crushing of the coal is made inside the boiler house as a part of the coal feeding lines. Eventually the coal is fed to the boiler through a cell feeders designed for the purpose.
Bottom ash is evacuated from the boiler by means of two Kopar Screw Coolers which are designed to achieve high cooling capacity. Afterwards bottom ash is transported with drag chain conveyor to the bottom ash sieve and crusher and finally bottom ash is transported to the final destination silos by Kopar dense phase pneumatic conveyors.
Fly and duct ash are handled by means of several Kopar dense phase pneumatic conveyors in order to achieve good usability and long lifetime.
Inert material and limestone are fed to the boiler from the in house day silos with feeding equipment specially designed for the purpose.

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