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Kopar oy is now kopar group

Finnish engineering and manufacturing company Kopar Oy has strengthened its position as a supplier of conveyor and bulk handling equipment for the international smelter and energy industries. Kopar has completed the acquisition of Elmomet Oy and a unit of Site Oy, a member of the Jyki Group.

“The products manufactured by Kopar, Elmomet and Site are mutually complementary. As an example, our cooperation with Elmomet which eventually led to the acquisition originated when we both supplied smelter equipment to a mutual client. Experience has shown that together we are highly competitive. No one else offers a similar equipment setup, we have top-level expertise and we are a reliable, cost-efficient supplier. The acquisitions also enable us to develop new products for the market,” says Hannu Penttilä, Managing Director of Kopar Oy.

Kopar has solid expertise in the design and manufacture of process equipment. The company manufactures mechanical conveyor and process equipment for the smelter industry, among others. Kopar has supplied equipment for copper and nickel smelters in nearly 20 countries. Its product range also includes process equipment for the metal industry and equipment for the mechanical filtration of raw and process waters. Kopar’s primary clients in contract manufacturing are globally-operating Finnish companies.

Elmomet Oy specialises in pneumatic handling and conveying systems for powdered materials for the process industry, power plants and the food industry. The business acquired from Site Oy also involves conveyor systems for powdered materials for the process industry.

“The two acquisitions were carried out in an effort to systematically anticipate developments in the sector and strengthen our core business. The international energy industry is continuing investments, and the same applies to the smelter industry, in which investments only properly took off a couple of years later than in other segments of the mining industry,” says Penttilä.

Penttilä outlines steady, profitable growth as Kopar’s primary goal. The order book of the new Kopar Group is looking good, at well over EUR 10 million.

Kopar employs 85 peole in Parkano, Finland and 25 in its subsidiary in Estonia. Elmomet Oy employs 25 people in Lehtimäki and the business acquired from Site Oy employs a sales, design and project management staff of six in Kuortane, Finland. The net sales of the new Kopar Group amount to roughly EUR 30 million.

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