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Kiilto Oy (‘Shine’ in English) is an old and established chemical industry company south of Tampere, Finland. Kiilto was founded already in 1919 and has since then grown steadily to a middle-sized producer of glues and many other products for industrial and consumer applications. 

The total number of Kiilto products is close to a thousand.Kiilto also has expanded to foreign countries in recent years. The company now has operations in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Belarus. Currently a production plant is under construction in Russia.

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Kiilto’s approach to production is as professional as it can be. “We pay a lot of attention to technical details of the production process itself and in particular, to quality control. Every dose is analysed twice and the samples are stored for later reference,” explains Mr Vesa Juhannusvuori, technical manager.For Kiilto the technical performance of all process equipment is crucial, since there are approximately 700 different ingredients that are used in various combinations for different products. “For us, the reliability of equipment and the level of automation are really important. We run a most modern operation in order to be a reliable and effective partner to our customers and we need to utilize only the most modern and most reliable equipment in our processes,” Mr Juhannusvuori continues.A lot of crucial equipmentKopar Oy* has been involved with Kiilto for many years and the number of delivered equipment and installations is remarkable. In 1995, Kiilto initiated a company-wide modernization program called ‘Factory 2000’. Kopar was involved in the project and delivered, among other things, the material unloading system with six 60 m³ storage silos, and screw and pneumatic conveyors, seven dosing tanks, pipes and also the automation system to handle the weighing and transfer of various ingredients and raw materials.

The next major Kopar delivery took place in 2002. The delivery was geared around a process to produce hot meld adhesives and included several bagging systems with sensors, lots of pipes, several dosing and weighing systems, a low-pressure transfer system, a vacuum cyclone, a vacuum pipeline, a dosage hopper, and the related automation.

Further in 2003, Kopar delivered a dosing tank, a weighing system with electronics, a screw conveyor, and pipes and several valves.“All along, we have been very satisfied with Kopar, both the people and equipment. The equipment has performed according to our expectations, and the number of breakdowns has been minimal. Also the project management from Kopar’s side has every time been excellent. There really is nothing we could complain about,” Mr Juhannusvuori concludes.* Please note that the above deliveries were made by Site Teollisuus Oy, a Finnish company that Kopar Oy acquired in 2008..

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