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biggest bio fuel fired power plant

Oy Alholmens Kraft Ab runs the biggest bio fuel fired power plant in the world. The plant is located in the town of Pietarsaari on the Finnish west coast. The plant uses mostly biotype materials as the power source. They include peat, bark, and wood and wood chips with coal as the backup reserve fuel. The total annual production is approximately 265 MW. The versatile power plant enables the production of electricity, district heating and process steam. Kopar and Elmomet were involved in the project right from the beginning.

The bio fuel project started in 1999, two years after the company Alholmens Kraft was established. The objective was to replace the old plant by a most modern, economic and non-polluting plant at the site that housed pulp and paper, and saw mill operations. 

In 2002, the ultra-modern power plant started the energy production. The company has several owners and it sells all produced energy to them. When the old plants produced 28 mg / m³ of dust emissions the new plant reduced the amount to 5 mg / m³. Furthermore, the new plant can now utilize all the by-product type of bark and wood chips that are produced at the site, which was not the case in the past.

Kopar involvementKopar was amongst the suppliers of various types of equipment to the new plant, and so was Elmomet, at that time a separate company but nowadays a part of the Kopar Group. 

Kopar supplied equipment for the plant’s raw water intake and filtration. The equipment includes an automated bar screen and two travelling basket filters. They are based on over 20 years of experience in power generation and in other industries where water screening is needed to produce cooling water.

The Elmomet technology supplied to the plant includes equipment to handle fly ash and limestone for their feeding and conveying needs with the respective pneumatic feeding and conveying systems.

The equipment was supplied in 2001 and naturally in good time for the plant to start the operation in 2002.

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