KOPAR COOLED DRAG CHAIN CONVEYORS – Ideal solution when additional cooling power is needed

 Cooled Drag Chain Conveyors with detailed design

Kopar is highly acknowledged for engineering and manufacturing Drag Chain Conveyors (DCC). We wanted to broaden the range of the conveyors for heavy-duty applications even wider. Therefore, we developed a modular system allowing the addition of water cooling either to a new or to an existing conveyor. This application enables handling very hot/abrasive material in your processes. 

Engineering enables the arrangement of water cooling at the bottom, on the sides, and in the intermediate bottom whenever excessive cooling is needed. Chains are typically tempering steel, as in regular drag chain conveyors. 

When developing the cooling system, we’ve put special attention to the detailed design of the water-cooled elements to ensure proper water flow inside. This gives the optimal cooling efficiency, but most of all, it makes the lifetime of the chain conveyor longer compared to a non-cooled unit. 

Typical application as a secondary cooling process

Although the cooling power is somewhat lower than in the primary cooling processes, like cooling drum or Kopar Rotary Cooler (KRC), one can achieve very high capacities up to tens of tons per hour with the cooled DCC. The most typical application of a cooled drag chain conveyor is the simultaneous conveying and secondary cooling of bottom ash at power plants. However, there are also metallurgical applications available. 

Improved HSE & lifetime with the Kopar Cooled Chain Conveyors

Our cooled drag chain conveyor is of a standard design, but as it is highly modular, there is lots of space for customization according to your needs. There is a critical HSE issue herein: due to water-cooling, the surface temperature of the conveyor remains low, thus enabling the installation of the equipment safely, e.g. on top of the walkways. 

If conveyed material is very hot (over 600 degrees °C), water cooling also protects the conveyor from wearing, thus increasing the lifetime of the chains and, therefore, decreasing the operational expenses compared to other solutions.  

Technical Specifications

  • Cooling practice single cooling or double cooled bottom (intermediate bottom)
  • Standard width 600 / 800 / 1100 mm
  • Max Length 60 m
  • Capacity 0 – 300 t/h
  • Max temperature 600 – 900 °C
  • Inclination angle 0 – 70°

Suitable usage cases

Standard width Kopar Cooled Drag Chain Conveyors:

  • extra cooling power, typically as a secondary cooler for bottom ash 
  • applications where surface temperature is regulated for the personnel’s safety
  • protect the conveyor chain in a very high temperature environment
  • increase the lifetime of the wear parts

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