Cooling Products


Cooled drag chain conveyors

To make the application range of the Kopar heavy duty drag chain conveyors (DCC) even wider we have developed a modular system which allows to add water cooling either to new or to existing DCC. When developing the cooling system special attention has been put to the detailed design of the water-cooled elements to ensure proper water flow inside, this gives the optimal cooling efficiency but most of all makes the lifetime of the element as long as possible.

There are several different applications when installing water cooling to DCC brings value to customer. If conveyed material is very hot >600 degrees, water cooling protects the expensive wearing parts of conveyor (i.e. conveyor chain), making the conveyors operational expenses significantly lower. Cooled DCC is also ideal solution when extra cooling power is needed after primary cooling.

There is also important HSE view point, if your conveyor is installed i.e. on top of the walk way you can add cooled bottoms to the conveyor to protect both the people and the paint on the bottom of the equipment!


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