Cooling Drum

When high cooling power is needed at high capacity

Kopar cooling drum is an ideal solution when high amount of material needs to be cooled effectively. It is very applicable for cooling of hot and abrasive materials. Main requirement for high cooling rate is that the material is free flowing, however, the cooling rate is quite independent of particle size. Cooling from 900 °C down to even 100 °C is possible in one single unit, depending on application and capacity.

The cooling capacity of one drum is typically 10-50 t/h and cooling power typically 1-5 MW. It is based on constant move of material inside water-cooled sections, thus combining efficiently heat conduction, and due to proper mixing, heat convection.

Cooling drums can be retrofitted to the existing plant and auxiliary equipment arrangements, or the entire system can be designed completely from the scratch to meet the requirements of the new plant. The drums are designed in such way that the complete system can be tested at our factory before shipping and installing at your facility. This ensures fluid installation and speeds up the commissioning phase of the equipment.

Exact cooling values can be determined for each customer case individually

With our calculation models, exact cooling values can be determined for each customer case individually to find the optimal solution. Operation is dust free while maintaining high production rates, even with a single unit. It can even handle metallurgical dust.

Durable design with changeable wear parts ensures trouble-free operation. As the system is not pressurized, and thus, not a PED regulated vessel, the design decreases engineering, operational and maintenance costs. And if the equipment needs servicing, our specialist is at your disposal.

Technical Specification

Bulk material is fed to the cooling drum’s feed chamber through stationary inlet opening. Drum is supported on the rollers and rotated by either roller chain transmission or girth gear, depending on the size of the unit. Drum is slightly inclined for optimum residence time required for set cooling performance.

The cooling drum can have a counterflow cooling system with such an internal structure which maximizes the heat transfer surface. These together with optimally designed mixing lifters inside the cooler ensures the maximal cooling efficiency.

Typical features of Kopar’s cooling drum are

  • Capacity: 10 – 50 t/h
  • Material in 450 – 900 °C
  • Material out 100 – 250 °C
  • Drum diameter 1 900 mm
  • Length 7 000 / 10 000 / 12 000 mm (customization available)
  • Standard models KCD 7 000, KCD 10 000, KCD 12 000

Suitable usage cases for Cooling Drums

  • Metal Industry: Cooling of metallurgical calcine after a roasting process
    • Boliden Odda, Norway – Zinc calcine
    • KGHM, Glogow, Poland – Copper calcine
  • Energy & Power Industry: Cooling of bottom ash

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