Kopar Rotary Cooler

New high-capacity and low wear technology bringing significant cost savings with flexibility in lay-out design for high-demand cooling applications.

Fully new patented design to overcome traditional cooling screws

The Kopar KRC-series Rotary Cooler is the latest expansion to our cooling portfolio, which already offers a range of cooling drums, conventional cooling screws and cooled drag chain conveyors on the market. With its high cooling power it is best suited for extreme cooling needs. Main design utilizes mixing and retention time in such an optimum way that both heat convection and heat conduction are maximized, however, keeping the wear rate extremely low.


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Get the best cooling power with KRC

Where extreme cooling performance is needed, the KRC is the best available solution on the market for example for bottom ash. Cooling power can be as high as 1 MW per each cooling screw. As a result, the smoldering hot bottom ash can be efficiently cooled from a temperature of 900 °C to around 200 °C even at high capacity over 5 t/h. Furthermore, thanks to the high cooling power, also fly ash can be easily cooled from typical 250 °C down to well below 100 °C, de facto, below 50 °C. Range of cooled materials include typically ashes from incineration processes.

Illustration of measured cooling power and cooling efficiency of KRC vs conventional cooling screw at selected power plants.


Increase your cooling capacity easily

In addition to superior cooling performance, there are a lot of savings at stake. As one Kopar Rotary Cooler can do the same amount of work as two conventional cooling screws, total CAPEX is less. However, a significant difference in cost comes with substantially reduced operating expenses and maintenance expenses, which are reduced by more than a half. Furthermore, it also reduces the space needed for cooling equipment, if you only need one KRC to do the business. It is also possible to increase the cooling capacity of your facility with KRC, if you have a need to ramp up production, without the need to allocate more space for cooling applications.

Latest innovations of the KRC have resulted in excellent operational performance thus, avoiding any clogging, fluidization or any other uncontrolled and unfavorable behavior of the hot ash.

Technical Specification

The range of KRC coolers consist of various sizes with typical cooling capacity ranging up to 10 t/h with high material inlet up to 900 °C. Outlet temperature typically varies between 160–250 °C, depending on the production capacity, specific heat capacity, particle size and cooling water parameters.

Prime benefits of the KRC coolers are:

  • Very high cooling power and capacity per screw
  • Very low maintenance costs (70-90 % lower than in conventional cooling screws)
  • Flexibility with respect to lay-out
  • Modular structure for easy and quick maintenance


Typical features of KRC cooling screws:

  • Diameter: 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm
  • Effective cooling length: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 m
  • Capacity: 1 – 10 t/h
  • Cooling
    • Bottom ash: 850 °C => 200 °C
    • Fly ash: 250 °C => 50 °C
  • Ashes from incineration of coal, brown coal, biomass, fibrous sludge, rejects, lime
  • Actual cooled materials: bottom ash, fly ash, burnt lime dust, activated carbon
  • Number of references: 52
  • Reference countries: RUS, URU, GER, TUR, POL, LIE, HUN CZ

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