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Built to last

Tailormade forged conveyor chains

The forged chains that run our equipment are manufactured in-house to guarantee that they meet all the required standards set by ourselves and our clients. We offer all standard size chain links of various materials, which are also readily available as stock items.

The forged chains manufactured by Kopar
The forged chains manufactured by Kopar


The key flag stands as proof of the highest Finnish quality

With over 50 years of experience manufacturing forged chains for industrial applications, we at Kopar promise that our chains stand the test of time and continuous use at your facility. Proven high heat resistance and outstanding strength is achieved by designing and manufacturing the chains in-house.

Before shipping the chains to run our clients’ facilities around the world, the chains go through a rigorous QA process. Continuously improving our designs ensure the most durable solutions to keep things running smooth and to keep your expenses low.

Kopar has been awarded the Key Flag symbol indicating as a proof of Finnish quality, competence, and know-how. Our key ticketing product, conveying chain, is used around the world.

Selection and justification of appropriate chain material

Most widely used chain link material is case-hardened manganese steel (20MnCr5 / EN 1.7147). The only reason for that is the low price. In several applications manganese steel links have been replaced by boron steel. Though CAPEX-wise the costs are slightly higher, a double or triple, and in special cases a quadruple lifetime means significant savings for the operator. Therefore, we at Kopar strongly favor the tempering steel with boron addition (27MnCrB5 / EN 1.7182) due its multiple lifetime and thus, the benefits to our customers. Other chain link materials comprise stainless steel (AISI 420 / EN 1.4034) for harsh chemical conditions, and heat resistance steel (1.4713) which can be continuously operated at temperatures up to 700 °C.

One reason for the superior performance of the boron steel is in the heat-treatment process resulting in hardening throughout the entire product. Therefore, it does not lose its properties due to wearing.

As Kopar engineers and manufactures the multiple equipment like drag chain conveyors and bucket elevators in which chains are used, we naturally provide sprockets, pins and springs as well.

Kopar Life Cycle Services to help you with maintenance and its timing

Tailor made industrial chains guarantee that the chain meets the demands set by your process and conditions, but also meet the lowest OPEX and the lowest total costs of ownership.

Kopar’s forged conveyor chain links and sprockets are made to endure the harsh conditions they are designed for, but even they need changing and servicing from time to time. We recommend changing the chains when the elongation has reached 2,8%. The sprockets are also replaced when the chain is renewed, to ensure optimal conditions for your process.

For measuring the elongation and thus, optimizing the lifetime of the chain, we at Kopar have developed a practical tool for your needs. It is a very simple procedure to measure the elongation as often as you want. This both guarantees the maximum lifetime and simultaneously minimizes the risk of any breakage and unplanned corrective maintenance.

Kopar chain link