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With tens of years of hands-on experience in non-ferrous smelter industry and with customers all over the world, Kopar is a reliable partner in the manufacture and supply of high-quality metallurgical process solutions.

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Kopar know-how in smelter technology relates to dryers, converters, furnaces and granulation plants. Furthermore Kopar team counts with smelter specialists in areas like tehcnical supervision, commissioning and training.

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Rotary Dryers are suitable for continuous drying of powdered minerals in mining, crushing, concentrating and flash smelting plants. In rotary dryers using the direct heating principle, heat is transferred to the material mainly by convection. 

Each drying application is an individual case and the sizing of the dryer is based on the long experience of similar applications and on the laboratory tests. Rotary dryers are divided into two types depending on the flow directions of the dried material and drying gasses.

The choice between a concurrent and a counter-current drum is made according to the properties of the dried material:

  • Drying degree
  • Specific heat
  • Moisture evaporation capacity
  • Flammability
  • Sintering properties

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In the supply of large rotary drums and kilns, Kopar cooperates with its partners who are the specialist in heavy fabrication and machining. In these joint projects, Kopar takes care of the engineering, project management, and commissioning. 


The indirect steam heated rotary type dryer for abrasive materials is supported on the rollers and driven by the pinion and girth gear. The steam pipe construction inside the dryer is patented. Standard sizes are shown on the left picture, smaller and larger sizes are available on request. The large heating area in one single unit makes it possible to have also extensive drying capacity in one unit. A spare dryer is not needed anymore.


* Final moisture content can be achieved with lower temperatures
* Low drying temperature
* Low concentrate temperature
* Less SO2 contaminations
* Low exhaust gas amount
* Easy control
* High loading degree.


* Co-rotating steam pipes, less mechanical wear of steam tubes

* No pressurized pipe in supporting contact
* No massive construction inside the dryer
* Less steam distributing hoses
* Easy maintenance
* High heat area to drum volume ratio
* Low length to diameter ratio

kopar's own patent

The steam pipe arrangement is patented (in the picture piping is shown without shell). Steam is distributed into pipe sectors at the discharge end via the rotary joint. Condensed water comes out through the same passage due to the small inclination of the dryer.
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After the dried copper concentrate has gone through the roasting and smelting processes, it goes into a converter where "matte" is converted into metallic copper. This batch process is carried out in a horizontal, brick-lined, cylindrical reactor called the Peirce-Smith Converter .

From matte to copper:  A converting process basically consists of four main steps: charging with "matte", blowing with air, skimming off slag and dumping the blister copper, which is approximately 98.5% pure copper. Kopar delivered a 13'x34' Peirce-Smith Converter to Boliden Harjavalta smelter in 2007. This converter is supplied with dished heads and welded riding rings, made of special steel.

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The product from converters, “blister copper”, is refined in an anode furnace before it is cast in anodes for final refining by copper electrolysis. The copper content of the product from the anode furnace is about 99%. An anode furnace, as well as a converter, is a horizontal, brick-lined steel cylinder supported on rollers. 

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