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Kopar is an engineering and manufacturing corporation, expert in heavy-duty bulk material handling and with long experience in making processes more efficient and reliable. Kopar has experience in a wide variety of industries including mining & metallurgy, power & energy, pulp & paper, cement & construction materials as well as food industry. 

Kopar's portfolio includes very successful projects around the globe, some clients to mention: the biggest biomass power plant in the world; one of world’s best nuclear plants in terms of availability; and the most efficient copper smelters. 

Our passion is to help you to make your operation more profitable and reliable, by the best technology and process know-how.

  • 1989


    kopar oy

    The birth of Kopar

    Kopar Oy was founded through an MBO-arrangement.

  • 1994


    kopar oy

    Difficult times

    Hannu Penttilä, the present majority owner, purchased a share of the company. 

  • 1997


    kopar oy


    Coppex S.A. became Kopar’s agent in Chile. Chile became quickly an important market for Kopar. 

  • 2000


    kopar oy

    persiStant growing

    Several major project deliveries in smelting technology and energy and power sectors.

  • 2005


    kopar baltik


    Kopar established a workshop in Estonia.

  • 2008


    kopar group 

    two adquisitions

    Site Teollisuus Oy and Elmomet Oy were acquired in order to broaden the offered scope of supply. 

  • 2012


    turbo kopaR

    joint venture

    Establishing  aa joint venture in India to serve the Indian energy market. 

  • 2014



    Time was right for the change of generation. 

  • 2016




    Kopar is setting focus on hot and abbrasive material handling solutions and entering the global markets ever stronger. 

history of kopar group

always growing and improving

Early Years

Kopar is a Finnish manufacturer with a tradition dating partly back more than 40 years. The original Kopar operation is almost 30 years old but the story really begins from the year of 1973.
Back then Rauma-Repola was one of the biggest engineering and manufacturing companies in Finland. In 1973 it acquired a small workshop in Parkano with a clear objective in mind. At that time Rauma-Repola with a few other Finnish companies were tendering a major metallurgy project in Soviet Union, namely Norilsk. Finns won the project, which later proved to be the biggest single engineering project for Finland. Today, the present Norilsk Nickel company is Russia’s biggest operation of nickel and copper concentrates. 
The role of the then Parkano Works was to manufacture the smelter-related equipment. Consequently, Parkano Works manufactured anode furnaces, drag chain conveyors, converters, and so forth.
In addition to the Norilsk project, Parkano Works also made metallurgical equipment to other projects located in Bulgaria, Chile and Russia.

Later in the ’80s, Rauma-Repola lost the interest in metallurgy, and this resulted in a new management and a new name .

Kopar Era

Kopar Oy was founded in 1989 following a management buyout including the conveyor businesses from the previous owner (Rauma-Repola). 
Further development continued in 1994, when Hannu Penttilä, the present majority owner was hired to the position of general manager. There was continuous growth, for instance in 1995 Kopar made the first deliveries to Chile and in 1997, the Chilean Coppex S.A. became Kopar’s agent in the country.
Finally, in 1999 Hannu Penttilä felt convinced that the company would survive and grow further. Year 2000 proved a certain milestone in that Kopar won several major project deliveries in smelting technology and energy and power sectors. By 2005 the company was already an established player in its niche industries.

Furthermore, in 2005 Kopar also established a workshop operation in Estonia under the name of Kopar Baltik AS. With a workforce of over 20 people Kopar Baltik acts mainly as a subcontractor to the owner’s Finnish operations. 

Two Acquisitions

A major development took place in 2008, when Kopar acquired two manufacturers of pneumatic conveying equipment: Site Teollisuus Oy and Elmomet Oy. In the case of Site, Kopar did not acquire the whole company but the bulk materials handling technology part of it. The acquisitions strengthened and widened Kopar’s product range and assisted considerably Kopar’s position in exports. 
Site Teollisuus was established in 1975 specializing later in silos, conveyors and dosing equipment.
Elmomet was established in 1988 with the emphasis on ash handling equipment.

TurboKopar in India

In 2012, Kopar signed an agreement with the Indian company Turbovent to form a joint venture named TurboKopar. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh state, Turbovent is an established company particularly in the cement industry but emerging also to other industries such as power and metallurgy.
TurboKopar serves the continuously growing Indian energy market, especially in coal-fired power plants. 

New Managing director

After 20 years of successful work Hannu Penttilä decided to step down and his daughter Erika Hietamäki was appointed the Managing Director of Kopar Oy in October 2014. 
Erika started in Kopar back in 2002 and learned the company inside out while working in various positions from export sales to finances. 
Hannu Penttilä continues in the company as a Senior Advisor, guiding the younger generation, and as a Member of the Board. 

kopar today

With the new management on board Kopar has continued its journey to the internationalization and has established a steady position especially in the Central Eastern European markets.
The network of Kopar agents and representatives is growing each year. 
At present, Kopar enjoys a sales volume of approx. 20 millions of euros and employs 100 people.

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