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passion, commitment & expertise

Kopar Group is an innovative supplier of heavy-duty bulk material handling systems. 

We combine industry expertise with new technology to deliver the best solutions to critical processes.

Kopar people have figured out top-notch systems for a wide variety of process industries like Energy & Power, Metallurgy, Chemical Industries, Pulp & PaperCement, Food & Beverages

Our passion is to help you to make your operation more profitable and reliable, with the best technology and process know-how.

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In any process industry operation there are numerous critical points. The processes are often complex, or even complicated. They may include various conveying, dosing and weighing, storing, loading and unloading systems and naturally automation. All elements need to function reliably at all times, therefore the design phase is critical.

Kopar has worked closely with its customers for decades and has got a vast experience and thorough understanding of many customer processes in different industries. 

Our approach to engineering focuses on the user experience for our customers, regardless of their location. We take  full advantage of  our team's capabilities through a well-integrated work share system.

Our engineering expertise extends from trouble-shooting on-site to specialist engineering and design services, especially in the scope of hot & abrasive operating conditions.

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MANUFACTURING and project management

Kopar Group has accumulated over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high performance bulk material handling equipment for a wide variety of industries. The decades of manufacturing has helped in gaining the great level of know-how and best practices.

All Kopar equipment are made inside of European Union, ensuring a constant high quality and easy availability. Kopar Group itself has manufacturing facilities in Finland and Estonia. All the subcontractors of Kopar are being audited by quality standards and random tests are performed on materials and components in order to ensure the best performance and quality. 

A successful implementation of any project requires  a careful  flowsheet and layout planning in advance. During the supply, erection and commissioning phases the appointed Kopar project manager turns the planning into results and follows carefully that agreed targets are reached and the project will be realized within the budget and on schedule.


Taking part in erection and commissioning of projects helps us in making sure that deliveries are on agreed schedule and that they perform as promised. It also ensures that the needs of the end user are met and that a fully operational and optimized plant automation system is in place.

Kopar Commissioning Team helps you to plan and execute the transition from a mechanically completed plant to an operating plant. We guarantee safe, efficient and scheduled start-up through expert inspections, supervision and best practice knowledge shared with your operators .

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In order to improve operational performance, reduce costs or increase production capacity Kopar is happy to help you with services like:

Equipment check-ups
In-process trouble-shooting
Evaluations of used technology
Maintenance strategies and energy efficiency

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