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KRC – rotary cooler

The latest generation of cooling technology. New high-capacity and low wear technology bringing significant cost savings and flexibility in lay-out design.

New Rotary Cooler

The KOPAR KRC-Series Rotary Cooler is the latest addition to KOPAR’s cooling portfolio, which already offers a range of cooling drums, conventional cooling screw conveyors and cooled drag chain conveyors on the market.

Benefits and value of the Kopar Rotary Cooler KRC.

Where ever very high cooling performance is needed, the KRC is the best available technology on the whole world to perform the appropriate cooling of the bottom ash. Cooling power can be as high as 1 MW per each cooling screw and consequently, the hot bottom ash temperature of 900 C can be cooled down to around 200-250 C at high capacity of 5 t/h. Furthermore, due to the extremely high cooling power, also fly ash can be cooled down to temperature below 100 C.

Due to the high cooling performance one KRC can do the same cooling as two conventional cooling screws. This leads to lower CAPEX and significantly (50-85 %) reduced OPEX. This is beneficil from the lay-out perspective as only half amount the cooling screws are needed. Furthermore, by replacing conventional screws by the KRC screws, it is possibly to double the capacity of a power plant without bottle-necking the ash handling.

Latest innovations of the KRC have resulted in excellent operational performance thus, avoiding any glogging, fluidization or any other uncontrolled and unfavourable behaviour of the ash.

Product Range

The range of KRC coolers consists of 5 different sizes with typical capacity range up to 10 t/h and inlet temperatures up to 900 °C. Outlet temperatures varies between 160 – 250 °C.

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Type (width mm x lenght mm):

KRC 600 x 4000

KRC 600 x 6000

KRC 600 x 8000

KRC 800 x 6000

KRC 800 x 8000

Capacity: 0-10 t/h (typical)

Material feed temperature: up to 900 °C

Material outlet temperature: down to 80 °C


Kopar cooling drum

When high amount of material needs to be cooled effectively the Kopar cooling drum is ideal solution. Cooling drum is designed to cool down free flowing bulky materials from up to 900 degrees down to even 100 °C depending on the application. Capacity of one cooler can be up to 50 t/h.

Kopar cooling drum has a counterflow cooling system and internal structure which maximizes the heat transfer surface. These together with optimally designed material mixing lifters inside the cooler ensures the maximal cooling efficiency.

Kopar has a proven calculation model to determine the cooling values for each case individually in order to find the optimal solution.

Capacity: 0-50 t/h (typical)

Material feed temperature: up to 900 degrees

Material outlet temperature: down to 100 degrees

Standard models:

KCD  7 000

KCD  10 000

KCD  12 000


Cooled drag chain conveyors

To make the application range of the Kopar heavy duty drag chain conveyors (DCC) even wider we have developed a modular system which allows to add water cooling either to new or to existing DCC. When developing the cooling system special attention has been put to the detailed design of the water-cooled elements to ensure proper water flow inside, this gives the optimal cooling efficiency but most of all makes the lifetime of the element as long as possible.

There are several different applications when installing water cooling to DCC brings value to customer. If conveyed material is very hot >600 degrees, water cooling protects the expensive wearing parts of conveyor (i.e. conveyor chain), making the conveyors operational expenses significantly lower. Cooled DCC is also ideal solution when extra cooling power is needed after primary cooling.

There is also important HSE view point, if your conveyor is installed i.e. on top of the walk way you can add cooled bottoms to the conveyor to protect both the people and the paint on the bottom of the equipment!


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