KRC – Outstanding cooling efficiency

The latest generation of cooling technology. New high-capacity and low wear technology bringing significant cost savings and flexibility in lay-out design.

New Rotary Cooler

The KOPAR KRC-Series Rotary Cooler is the latest addition to KOPAR’s cooling portfolio, which already offers a range of cooling drums, conventional cooling screw conveyors and cooled drag chain conveyors on the market.

Product Range

The range of KRC coolers consists of 5 different sizes with typical capacity range up to 10 t/h and inlet temperatures up to 900 °C. Outlet temperatures varies between 160 – 250 °C. In special applications, temperatures less than 100 °C can be obtained.

KRC Type (width mm x lenght mm):

KRC 600 x 4000

KRC 600 x 6000

KRC 600 x 8000

KRC 800 x 6000

KRC 800 x 8000

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