Mechanical Conveying


Drag chain conveyors

Drag chain conveyors are ideal for transporting powdered and dusty materials. Such materials that are often handled in power plants, smelters, pulp & paper and chemical industries, among others.

By choosing the correct link and pin material, even the most abrasive and hot (up to 600ºC; 1.112ºF) materials can be handled safely and effectively. Kopar drag chains are usually made of case hardened or tempering steel.

Kopar drag chain conveyor design offers variability to layout and as high inclination angles and different configurations are possible. With Kopar drag chain conveyor you can achieve capacities up to several hundred tons / h with low operational cost. Extra effort is always given to ease of maintenance.

Capacity: 0-300 t/h (typical)

Length: up to 60 m (typical)

Standard widths:

W320, single chain

W500, single chain

W600, double chain

W800, double chain

W1100, double chain

Operational temperature: up to 600 degrees

Inclination angle: up to 70 degrees