Drag chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are specifically designed for powdered materials

Kopar’s drag chain conveyor solutions are ideal for transporting powdery, dusty or granular materials. Such materials that are often handled in power plants, smelters, pulp & paper and chemical industries, i.e., sand, fly ash, lime, flue dust, amongst other materials. It can also be designed around your needs for transportation, whatever industry you are working in. Special application is a wet drag chain conveyor for handling bottom ash and slag.

Depending on the conveyor chain material, the drag chain conveyor can handle also hot materials efficiently and safely up to 700°C in continuous operations. The chain conveyor is usually made of case-hardened steel (e.g. 20MnCr5), tempered steel (e.g. boron-containing 27MnCrB5), heat-resistant steel (e.g. W1.4713) or stainless steel (e.g. AISI420). It is worth noticing that Kopar has its own manufacturing for the chain links, and we can assist you in selecting always the most suitable links, pins and sprockets for any application.

Flexible design, high inclination angles for challenging applications

Our drag chain conveyor solutions offer variability and flexibility when installing them into your facility. High inclination angles and modular design make it possible to install it even into challenging environments, while maintaining a conveying capacity of several hundred tons with reasonably low operational costs.

Built to last, even in potentially explosive environment

Our drag chain conveyor can also be designed to endure potentially explosive environments with ATEX 21 and 22 zones. It can also be installed with water cooling to simultaneously cool down the conveyed material. Lots of modernizations have been carried out by changing the link material from hardened steel (manganese steel) to tempered steel (boron steel). This results in double lifetime of the links, at minimum, and in many cases the sequence for replacing the chain has increased by a factor of three, or even four.

In any case our engineers are at your disposal to make the servicing, modernizations and revamps, whatsoever, as swift as possible to keep the production halts short. Furthermore, we always focus and aim at minimum maintenance and total cost of ownership with our products.

Technical specifications

Typical features of Kopar’s drag chain conveyors

  • Capacity: 0 – 300 t/h (typical)
  • Length: up to 60 m (typical)
  • Operational temperature: up to 700 degrees
  • Inclination angle for assembly: up to 70 degrees (typical)
  • Manufacturing materials: carbon steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel
  • Standard widths (mm):
    • Single Chain: W320, W400, W500
    • Double Chain: W600, W800, W1100

Usage casesSome latest references for metallurgy

Year Smelter Country Metal Pcs Conveyable Material
2019 Chambesi ZAM Cu 3 EF feed mixture
2019 Chambesi ZAM Cu 4 WHB dust
2019 Harjavalta FIN Cu 1 Cu conc.
2019 Harjavalta FIN Ni 1 Ni slag
2017 Khatoon Adab IRN Cu 2 Cu dust
2016 Glokow POL Cu 2 Cu dust
2016 Glokow POL Cu 6 Pb slag
2016 Calama CHI Cu 1 Met. dust
2016 Kokkola FIN Zn 3 Zn
2015 Pasar PHI Cu 1 Met. dust
2015 Odda NOR Zn 6 Zn calcine
2015 Calama CHI Cu 1 Met. dust
2015 Glokow POL Cu 4 Cu conc.
2015 Glokow POL Cu 11 Slag
2014 Glokow POL Cu 14 Coke
2014 Glokow POL Cu 3 Cu conc.
2014 Harjavalta FIN Cu 1 Slag
2014 Harjavalta FIN Ni 2 Ni
2013 Bor SRB Cu 2 Met. dust
2013 Odda NOR Zn 1 Lime
2013 Sarscheshmeh IRN Cu 8 Met. dust
2013 La Caridad MEX Cu 1 Met. dust
2013 Talvivaara FIN Ni 2 Lime
2013 Glokow POL Cu 1 Met. dust
2013 Glokow POL Cu 5 WHB dust


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