Pneumatic Conveying

Pressure conveyors

Pneumatic conveying is one of the most efficient and economical ways of handling process industry materials. There are hundreds of process plants all over the world using Kopar’s pneumatic conveying systems. Solutions cover various materials and process applications, with conveying distances up to 300 m.

The pulse dense phase system operates in a batch mode. The batch then travels as high-density pulsed plugs through the pipeline to the receiving silo. The system is very easy to operate as it is fully automated and integrated with the plant’s control (DCS) system. The system offers the following benefits:  low energy consumption, low wear of components, easy maintenance and flexibility with respect to layout.

Capacity: 0-20 t/h (typical)

Length: up to 300 m (typical)

Operational temperature: 250 degrees (typical)

Material speed: 3-7 m/s (typical)

Although we can customize practically any size of an equipment, our standard pressure tank family comprises the following sizes (in dm3):

ELMO 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1 000, 2 000, 3 000, 5 000, 7 500, 10 000.


Blower conveyors

Kopar has two different dilute phase conveying methods to offer; for high capacities and long distances ELMO high pressure conveyors set to operate in dilute phase mode can achieve trouble free operation with conveying distances up to 1000 m.

Capacity: 0-100 t/h (typical)

Length: up to 1000 m

Operational temperature: 250 degrees (typical)

Material speed: 15-25 m/s

Kopar dilute phase rotary feeder conveying system equipped with ejector part is the proven solution for pneumatic conveying application where high injection speed and constant material flow to the process is needed. When equipped with Kopar pipeline and controlling devices trouble free operation can be guaranteed.

Capacity: 0-20 t/h (typical)
Conveying length: up to 60 m (typical)
Material speed: 20-30 m/s