Pressure injectors

Pressure injection for precise material handling

Where a steady and controllable feed of materials is needed, pressure injection is the answer. Our solution for pressure injection ensures that the pressures are always equal for the material inlet and outlet pipes to make sure that anything, even highly abrasive or materials with high viscosity are fed with the precision required. The feeding valve which adjusts the material flow is of our own design, the Kopar Cupola Valve.

Designed for your needs

The pressure lance which feeds the material designed to last in the most demanding of environments. Made from carbon steel, it endures the continuous heat and immense pressure it is encased in. In a case where the material is molten, the feeding lance will gradually wear out, but our engineering crew is trained to make the swap for a new one as smooth as possible to make the production pause short. Whether you require a heavy duty solution or a lighter application, our designs adapt to your needs.

Suitable Usage Cases

Metallurgical processes, in which there is a need to inject sulfidic concentrates into the molten bath of the electric furnace though a submerged lance. Objective herein is to add sulfur which results in decrease of viscosity and lower liquid’s temperature and eventually, increased metal recovery.

Technical Specification

In the pressure injection conveying with high speed (high linear momentum) is required for proper penetration of the fine solids into the slag. As lance is submerged inside hot molten metal during the injection periods, it practically melts out in due time. Therefore, the lance height (position) needs to be adjusted frequently and the lance must be extended by new section occasionally.

Furthermore, feed rate should be maintained reasonably high but constant, so accurate feeding under pressurized conditions is required. For this purpose a rotary valve is needed, but under such conditions that the required pressure is kept practically equal on both sides of the rotary valve, i.e. in the pressure tank (sending vessel), and in the conveying pipeline.

Copper 2022

We will participate in the international Copper 2022 conference in Santiago, Chile, November 13-17. Our Director of Project sales, Jyri Talja will hold a speech at the event about Pressurized Lancing Injection System for Sulfurization of the EF Matte.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge at this event appreciated by metallurgical engineers, scientists, copper manufacturers and users worldwide.


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