Storage equipment

Storage silos

Kopar engineers and delivers material storage silos in volumes up 2000 m3 together with all necessary loading and unloading accessories. Each silo is CE-marked according to EN1090-1 and Kopar is able to deliver silos and steel structures up to execution class 4.

We have over 40 years of experience about different materials and their characteristics which guarantees that we can engineer right storage solution even for the most difficult bulk materials.

Standard sizes:
20 m3
30 m3
60 m3
100 m3
150 m3
200 m3
300 m3
500 m3
1000 m3
2000 m3


Dry unloading system

When material needs to be unloaded from the storage silo into the tank truck, Kopar steady feeding and dust free unloading system is excellent solution. Main components of the Kopar system are fluidized silo bottom, rotary feeder and dust free loading spout. Whole system is automated and truck driver can easily operate it with remote control.

Loading capacity:
75 m3/h
100 m3/h


Wet unloading system

When material is fed from the storage silo into an open pit truck there is always a problem with dusting and consequently, air pollution in the loading area and during the transportation. In order to avoid dusting, material needs to be wetted to an appropriate moisture level.

Main component in our solution is the wetting screw which is a double spiral paddle mixer with regulated water spraying system. Other parts of the system are fluidized silo bottom and rotary feeder. Entire system is automated so that the truck driver can easily remotely operate the system.

Loading capacity:
75 m3/h
100 m3/h


EMJET – silo filters

Proper silo filtration is essential to guarantee trouble free operation both when filling the storage silo and when unloading it. Kopar has a specially designed heavy-duty filter family designed for the pneumatic conveying solutions where amount of air to be vented from the silo can vary a lot momentarily which sets high demands for the filter.

Kopar solution is to use bag house filter with pulsed air cleaning system which is automated and operates usually based on the pressure difference over the filter bags. Filter bags are designed to be easily changeable and they can be provided in several materials depending on the application. Filters can also be trace heated and insulated if necessary.

Standard sizes:
EMJET 10 (m2)
Larger sizes on request