Pulp & Paper Industry Technologies for handling and conveying

Material handling and conveying technology solutions for Pulp and Paper Industry

Finland is well known from its pulp and paper industry all over the world. For this historical reason, there is a lot of technological know-how about pulp and paper making processes, and thus, there are several technology and equipment suppliers serving the industry.

We use our strengths also in this industry focusing on the solutions where handled material or conditions are abrasive, hot and dusty. Our main pulp and paper technology solutions provided for the industry are handling of ashes and lime in different stages of the process. Furthermore, we have a proven record providing storage, dosing and pneumatic conveying solutions for the additive material used in the processes.


Recovery boiler ash handling

Fly ash is generated when black liqueur is burned in the recovery boiler and it needs to be collected from the boiler convection sections and from the electrostatic precipitators (ESP). This is usually done by mechanical conveying solutions, main equipment being rotary valves, drag chain conveyors and screw conveyors.

We also provide complete receiving, transportation and dosing equipment for salt cake to be added to the black liquor mixing tank as a part of the chemical recovery cycle.

Kiln lime and fresh lime handling

When lime mud is burned in the lime kiln the hot burnt lime needs to be transported from the kiln to the silos so it can be used again in the causticizing process. Kopar offers heavy duty mechanical conveying equipment as drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors and chain bucket elevators for the purpose.

For both the kiln lime and fresh lime our product range covers storage solutions including silos with truck loading, silo discharge equipment and all other needed accessories with proven application specific design.

Lime kiln ash handling

When lime mud is burned in the lime kiln the generated fly ash is collected from the flue gas stream with electrostatic precipitators (ESP). From the ESP the ash needs to be transported back to the kiln. We have the full scope of specially designed mechanical conveying equipment fitted for the purpose as the extra wide drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors and robust rotary feeders.

Process chemicals handling

In pulp and paper making process different additive materials are needed to control the process and quality of the product. We have decades of experience in designing and delivering complete storage, dosing and conveying solutions for such materials like starch, magnesium sulfite, CMS and plastic granules among others.

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