Drag Chain Conveyor

Kopar grants a guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months from the date of commissioning, however not more than eighteen (18) months from the date of the dispatch. The normal wearing is not included in the guarantee.

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For transportation of various types of powdered and dusty materials Kopar offers a range of heavy-duty drag chain conveyors. They are suitable to transport ash, lime and solid fuels. The key is the continuous and efficient material flow, which ensures high availability and first-class profitability.Kopar forged conveyor chain is especially suitable when the material is very abrasive or when the working conditions are very hot (up to 600º C; 1112º F). Kopar drag chains are usually made of case hardened steel (20MnCr5) or tempering steel (27MnCrB5) also known as boron steel. In special cases links and pins are made of hardened stainless steel or heat resistant steel.There are three main flight types of drag chains. T-flight chain is suitable for horizontal conveying and up to conveyor width of 630 mm (2’ 1”); P-flight chain is used in inclined
or vertical conveyors up to the grade of 90 degrees; I-flight chain is a double strand
chain, which is used in wide conveyors (500 to 1,200 mm; 1’ 8” to 3’ 11”).


Working range of a chain conveyor can be between 1 to 600m³/h. Performance is depending on density of the transported material and required transport distance.

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Transported materials are often hot and extremely abrasive. This sets demands on the conveyor and most of all on the drag chain. By choosing the correct link and pin material, even the most abrasive and very hot (up to 600ºC) materials can be handled without problems.

Forged links and connecting pins of drag chains are usually made of case hardened steel (cementation steel, 20MnCr5) or tempering steel (boron steel, 27MnCrB5). In special cases links or pins are manufactured of hardened stainless steel or heat resistant steel.

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T-flight chain is suitable for horizontal conveying and up to conveyor width of 630 mm.

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P-flight chain is used in inclining or vertical conveyors.

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I-flight is a double strand chain, which is used in wide conveyors (500–1200 mm) and is most suitable for heavy transporting in demanding conditions.


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We buy forgings only from reliable suppliers who are committed to provide us with flawless products as scheduled. All links are machined at Kopar workshop after which they are heat-treated by a sub-supplier. Finally the welding of flights and assembly work are carried out at our own workshop. 

In order to provide a quotation, we require the following information: chain typewidth of chain or width of conveyortype/shape of flightspitch of flights.
Forged Conveyor ChainsBreaking load tests are regularly run at the laboratory of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

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