Incineration kiln

Kopar grants a guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months from the date of commissioning, however not more than eighteen (18) months from the date of the dispatch. The normal wearing is not included in the guarantee.


Kopar staff has participated in the project execution and manufacturing of nine European hazardous waste treatment plants which annually produce over 300 000 tons of wastes into stable and controllable form.

For hazardous waste treatment plants Kopar offers* Solid waste feeding devices

  • * Incineration kilns
  • * Secondary combustion chambers
  • * Wet slag conveyors
  • * Ash conveyors

In the supply of large rotary drums and kilns, Kopar cooperates with Hollming Works. Hollming Works is a large Finnish engineering & manufacturing company, with a division in Parkano. In these joint projects Kopar takes care of the engineering, project management and commissioning, Hollming being the specialist in heavy fabrication and machining. The workshops of each company are located almost side by side which makes cooperation flexible and easy.In 1999 Kopar supplied the main equipment for the third incineration line of Ekokem, the leading company to treat hazardous wastes in Finland. The supply included solid waste feeding, incineration and wet ash handling.

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