Kopar grants a guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months from the date of commissioning, however not more than eighteen (18) months from the date of the dispatch. The normal wearing is not included in the guarantee.


Methods Of ConveyingFour pneumatic methods can be utilized depending on the material to be conveyed, the conveying distance, the conveying volume and the process in question. By using one or any combination of these methods, it is possible to solve almost all the problems of pneumatic conveying in process plants.
Most of Kopar customers have selected the pulse dense phase system as the most efficient, competitive and reliable solution. Kopar pulse dense phase systems are in use in hundreds of power plants all over the world. They cover the handling need of ash in volumes from 2 tph up to 20 tph and conveying distances up to 1,000 m (3,350 f).The pulse dense phase conveying system operates in a batch mode. The batch then travels as high density pulsed plugs through the pipeline to the receiving silo. The system is easy to operate since it is fully automated and integrated with the plant’s control (DCS) system.

The system offers such benefits as low energy consumption and low wear of components.

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The Pulse Dense Phase System

Elmo2000On top of dense phase Kopar pneumatic conveying systems are based on fluidised phase method, which has proved to be reliable and trouble-free with an even and continuous material flow. There are other pneumatic conveying methods, too, and Kopar is able to deliver the right method according to the customer application.
the development and testing of Elmomet products and systems has been carried out in practice in several hundred locations, thus establishing a reliable frame of reference for customized designs the non-clogging feature of the Pulse Dense Phase System ensures reliable disturbance-free operation even in cases where the material to be conveyed is different from that originally planned long distances, up to 1000 m, can be reliably handled by the Elmomet Pulse Dense Phase System
the long lifetime of the system and reliable and troublefree operation due to the use of low velocity and wear-resistant materials the easy operation of Elmomet systems comes from full automatization utilizing local logic units or plant DCS systems
the range of deployment of Elmomet systems meets the needs of the most demanding clients and can easily be integrated with existing processes
minimized investment and operating costs of Elmomet systems are the result of manufacturing know-how combined with research and development carried out over the past twenty years minimized maintenance costs are achieved through low wear and tear due to the low conveying velocities of the Pulse Dense Phase System together with special ceramic coatings which reduce the need for replacement parts and lengthen the life of the system. Maintenance friendly designs with a minimal number of moving parts means less maintenance and lower costs
Elmomet pneumatic conveying systems are clean and dustfree. Pneumatic conveying is a dry method, which means no waste water problems.

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