Rotor Crusher

Kopar grants a guarantee against material and manufacturing defects for twelve (12) months from the date of commissioning, however not more than eighteen (18) months from the date of the dispatch. The normal wearing is not included in the guarantee.


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Maximum capacity for these crushers is 20 t/h. If the dust crushers are placed consecutively, first the rotor crusher, then the roller crusher, a final product of 5 x 5 mm can be achieved from a maximum feed size of 300 mm. 

Slag crushers can be cooled by water, pressurized air or steam if it is required.
Slag roller crushers can for example be used in a copper smelter for crushing coarse dust which is built up in the Gas Cooling Chambers and Balloon Flue of PS Converters.


Technical specs

Crushable materials:

  • Most dry fuels and ashes are crushable, e.g. coal bits. Limitations include most metals, and fibrous, viscous, sticking or very hard materials. Ask Kopar for your specific material.

Capacity (m^3/h)

  • KRC600: 10 - 26
  • KRC800: 16 - 40
  • KRC1200 40 - 56

Target particle size (mm)

  • 12 - 25

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