Cooling Solutions for the most demanding environments

Even the most hot and abrasive materials can be handled safely and efficiently with Kopar’s Cooling Solutions. Hot materials may require cooling for several reasons: subsequent process stages cannot tolerate high temperatures, HSE requirements prefer handling of material at lower temperatures, legal restrictions for road transportation etc.

Materials which require cooling are typically solid products from high temperature processing. Typical processes are energy boilers, concentrate roasters and lime kilns. Consequently, materials to be cooled comprise bottom ash, fly ash, process dust, sinter, calcine, burned lime, fertilizers and activated carbon.Due to variety of material characteristics, capacities and cooling requirements, various cooling technologies and devices are needed.

Kopar can offer multiple solutions for your cooling needs:

  • Cooling screws: In addition to the traditional cooling screw solutions, we have our own KRC – Kopar Rotary Cooler solution for the most demanding cooling situations. One KRC can handle the duties of two traditional cooling screws and temperatures of 900 celsius.
  • Cooling drums: When dealing with high amounts of material that needs to be cooled, Kopar’s cooling drum is the solution for you. Designed for free-flowing materials, our cooling drum can take the material from up to 900 degrees down to the low 100 degrees Celsius. Kopar cooling drum can handle 50 tonnes of materials per hour.
  • Cooling chain conveyors: For facilities that need more advanced solutions due to limitations of space where the cooling solution needs to be applied, our cooled chain conveyors are the solution. It is a highly modular system, that can be installed with water cooling to increase the cooling capabilities. With the water cooling it can be installed above walkways, since the bottom keeps cool enough to be safe – and keep the paint looking good.


Cooling Screws
Cooling Drums
Cooling Chain Conveyors