Modern technology for hot & abrasive material handling solutions

Kopar Group is a modern technology corporation from Finland. We are specialised in mechanical process engineering and high-performance equipment manufacturing, combining decades of industry expertise with new, innovative technology.

Decades of
manufacturing experience

Our main expertise is in bulk material handling technologies, specifically in hot and abrasive materials. We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high performance bulk material handling equipment. Our high-quality products and solutions are designed for demanding conditions.

Our passion is to make your operations more profitable and reliable by delivering the best solutions for your critical processes. We offer overall process development and modernisation including various engineering disciplines, combined with unique heavy-duty equipment manufacturing, erection, commissioning and training.


Let us refine your critical processes to first-class performance

Unique operation development for multiple industries

We have a great knowledge on different manufacturing industries and their process development. Our mission is to develop and refine your critical processes and operations more profitable and reliable by overall production modernisations and innovative, individual solutions.

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Energy & Power
Minerals & Chemicals
Pulp & Paper