Metallurgy Process Technologies

Bulk material handling technologies for Metallurgy Industry

Kopar is a reliable partner in the supply of high-quality process solutions, especially when hot and abrasive operations are crucial for operations and availability. We offer modern technologies for mineral handling and metallurgy process.

We have a long tradition in non-ferrous smelter processes with decades of hands-on experience on design and manufacture of metallurgical solutions for customers all over the world.

Our main competence relies on mechanical and pneumatic conveying of abrasive concentrates and feed mixtures as well as both the primary and secondary flue dusts. Additionally, crushers are used to break down the lumps of the WHB-dust.

Our product range covers heavy duty drag-chain conveyors, elevators, excavators, various types of pneumatic conveyors, air slides, dust filtering, crushers and rotary valves.


Concentrate handling

Smelters normally feed dry concentrate to the furnace. We provide both mechanical and pneumatic conveying solutions for the concentrate as it needs to be lifted up above the furnace top. Consequently, we also supply air slides through which the feed mix is fed into the furnace.

Both the dense-phase and dilute-phase ELMO-systems of pneumatic conveying may be applied for the concentrate after drying. Alternatively, mechanical conveyors can also be applied, like vertical elevators or inclined drag chain conveyors.


Flue dust handling

There is a number of various flue dusts at a smelter, originating from primary smelting furnace, converter and electric furnace:

  • primary smelting furnace dust form the Waste-Heat-Boiler (WHB)
  • primary smelting furnace dust from the subsequent electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
  • primary smelting furnace dust from the baghouse filter (BHF)
  • fine secondary converter dust from the ESP
  • ultra-fine dust from the electric furnace
  • other secondary dusts from bag house filters.

Due to different formation mechanisms of various flue dusts, their mechanical and chemical characteristics differ quite significantly from each other with respect to particle size distribution, chemical composition and morphology. Therefore, unique pneumatic conveying solutions are needed for each specific dust.

Whenever sintering occurs, the dust needs first to be crushed. For the purpose we offer a wide range of crushers. Pneumatic conveying, both on dense-phase and dilute-phase models is applied with special twists for the fine primary and secondary dusts. Furthermore, also mechanical conveying can be applied, depending on material characteristics, particle size distribution, stickiness, dew-point etc.


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