Blower conveyors

Best solution for high volumes over short distances

Our blower conveyors are your go-to solution for short distance conveying, especially when the material is light and powdery. One example usage case is where lime is being injected into a boiler at a power plant.

Operational principle of a blower conveying is that the conveyor (bressure tank / bin) is paired with a rotary valve, through which the material is dosed at preferred capacity, i.e. feeding rate, into the conveying pipeline. Typical pressure for conveying is 0,3-0,5 bar(g). Therefore, only a blower is needed instead of a compressor, and thus, the system is quite cost effective with respect to capital expenses. The conveying mode, however, is a dilute-phase / lean-phase conveying, which requires quite a lot of air as the solid loading ratio is low (µ < 5).

When the layout doesn’t allow mechanical conveyors

The advantage which blower conveyors have over mechanical solutions is that the material can be pushed through a pipeline, which can be designed to adapt to your available space, and thus, is quite flexible regarding the plant layout. Furthermore, due to the high material velocity injection can be performed evenly e.g. boiler fire box.

Blower conveyor paired with a rotary feeder conveying system can also be designed with an ejector, which gives an extra boost for conveying velocity at the start. System is typically adjusted to work at more or less constant material flow rate. However, the rotary feeder can also be equipped with a frequency converter, which allows easy and accurate feed rate adjustment. When equipped with our pipeline solution and controlling devices, trouble free operation can be guaranteed.

As an alternative for longer distances our ELMO high pressure conveyors can be applied to operate in a dilute-phase mode. Especially, for solutions with long distance and high dynamic pressure drop, i.e. when the blower pressure can not overcome the pressure drop of the long pipeline. It can achieve trouble free operational distances up to over 1000 meters.

Technical Specifications

Typical features of Kopar’s blower conveyors are:

  • Capacity                   0 – 20 t/h
  • Pressure                   0,2 – 1,0 bar
  • Air velocity               20 – 50 m/s
  • Material velocity      20 – 50 m/s
  • Solids loading ratio   µ < 5
  • Pipeline length         10 – 100 m
  • Max temperature     250 °C

Suitable usage cases

Typical applications with a blower conveying system are:

  • Lime feeding into a boiler
  • ESP dust conveying for fly ash
  • Minerals like limestone, magnesite, bentonite, talc
  • Chemicals like sodium carbonate, salt, pigments
  • Fertilizers like ammonium nitrate, urea
  • Metal powders
  • Biofuels like peat pellets, lignin
  • Plastics like PVC granules, melamine
  • Agriculture products like granulated sugar, starch, milk powder

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