Pipeline solutions

Pipeline designs that are built for purpose

Efficient cooling solutions and material conveyors are nothing without proper pipeline design. Kopar’s pipeline solutions are built from the ground up to suit the specific needs of the facility and material at hand. Pipes, bends, hoses, you name it. We have it.


Robust and durable pipes and accessories

Kopar’s pipelines are designed from the ground up around the material conveyed to make sure the lines last long and are suited for the material. With our pipeline components, it is ensured the self centering flange joints and suitable wear resistance of bends. The pipes wear and tear is managed with good design.

You benefit when the pipes wear and degrade slower than usual, and when they do, they are easily replaced. And you do not have to make compromises, the pipes bend to your facility’s layout.

The components are:

  • Straight pipes L=6 m
  • Reinforced bends of 5 to 90 degrees, with cast basalt or aluminium oxide reinforcement
  • Reinforced straight pipes of 0,5 – 2,0 m, with cast basalt or aluminium oxide reinforcement
  • Reinforced T- or Y-branches, with cast basalt or aluminium oxide reinforcement
  • Flexible metal hoses
  • Diverter valve with K100T Cupola valves, with cast basalt or aluminium oxide reinforcement
  • Terminal boxes
  • Primary supporting beams and attachments

Technical Specifications

The components are always included with self centering flange joints and O-rings.

Used materials are carbon steel, wear resistant steel, acid proof stainless steel or stainless steel.

  • Typical operational temperature: -40… +250 °C
  • Standard sizes, tube diameter (DN):
    • DN65
    • DN80
    • DN100
    • DN125
    • DN150
    • DN200
    • DN250
    • DN300

Suitable usage cases for Kopar Pipes and solutions

Kopar’s pipeline solutions are suitable for all pipelines which require pneumatically conveyed materials. Applicable industries include energy and power, pulp and paper, metallurgy, minerals and chemicals.

Our pipeline solutions are best when they are used in conjunction with our other solutions for material handling. Read more how the pipes complement our cupola valves, pressure injectors and low-pressure conveyors.


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